What is a diet ?

Overweight and obesity is a worldwide problem that many people face and try to get rid of.
Some are successful and some are not successful for various reasons, and those who are not successful soon return to obesity and sometimes end up in a worse condition.
After years of experience and independent research, we came to the understanding and conclusion that dieting is not only a nutritional change but also a mental, behavioral and occupational change.
The person who wants to reduce fat percentages must understand that a dietary change is indeed the biggest change that needs to be made, but also a change in the general lifestyle and the mathematical understanding behind the diet are equally important
Many times people are afraid to make the additional change necessary to succeed in the difficult task of reducing fat percentages and for some people this may be the most difficult task they have done in their life.
We will currently list our entire diet theory down here for you free of charge as part of our good will to do good to the world..


First part - Mathematics - Understanding the numbers.

In general, weight loss and fat percentage loss occurs when our daily caloric intake is lower than our daily calorie expenditure, which means that if we consumed 2000 calories per day, and expended 2100 calories per day, we are in a caloric deficit, which after some time will cause a reduction in fat percentage for sure.
But in the diet we don’t just look at the day to day, we measure ourselves weekly, so as not to create mental stress and anxiety.
When we start a diet, we usually set one day a week that we weigh ourselves, in the morning, after we’ve been to the bathroom and before we’ve had coffee. Weighing should be done in underwear only. This will be your most accurate weight.
Most of the time this day will be Friday or Saturday after we have worked hard all week and been on a diet.

Part two - Acceptance and readiness for change.

Many times we want to start the diet but we say not today, not tomorrow, next week, next month, and all kinds of other excuses, and rightly so.
You have to plan a diet and not simply stop eating because that is not the right and healthy way to do it, a diet can also be fun and healthy.
One of the points of understanding that a person who wants to start a diet should be that our body does not need so much food to survive and develop. Each person is different and stands on his own, our body does not need that much food to function and function well.
Even if we are parents of children who do not finish the plate, our body is not a garbage and it is not a pity for the food that is thrown away, next time put less food for them, everyone eats what suits them according to their needs.
The understanding that food that is unhealthy such as snacks, high fat food, salt, sugar, artificial sweeteners, are unhealthy and not only that, they are also very harmful to our body, is a very important understanding that will simply neutralize a lot of cravings and desires to eat those harmful foods.
Avoiding these foods will not only help you lose weight, it will prevent many diseases and strengthen your immune system significantly.
For years we have gotten used to thinking that eating sweets, snacks and unhealthy food is part of the pleasures of life, those that this thought is a direct result of aggressive campaigns by the food companies that are not so interested in your health, they are more interested in your money.
We do not believe that it is necessary to suffer those who go on a diet or change the length of life to a healthy one.
One day a week, usually on the weekend in the evening, you are allowed to drink some beer, eat a snack, a piece of cake and some dessert.
Sometimes there is also an event in the middle of the week, even though we are on a diet, you can eat almost freely at the event without thinking too much about the calories, we are human after all.
What’s important is your routine and day-to-day to be balanced and measured.
Over time you will get to know your body better and learn how much you can “steal” on a weekend or at events.

Part three - occupational change.

One of the biggest problems that cause the breaking of a healthy diet and lifestyle is boredom.
Inaction and watching TV / surfing social networks are factors that greatly influence our thinking about food and our desire to eat unnecessarily.
Avoiding these things will not only make you eat less, they will also make you happier and you will suddenly discover how much time you have to do other things that you love and have always wanted to do but didn’t have time for.
Correctly using the time in the day to do meaningful things is one of the biggest benefits beyond losing weight in this change.
When you are busy the brain is not busy looking for food, you only eat when you are really hungry.
Over time, while dieting and preparing a correct daily schedule, you will start to be hungry and want to eat exactly at the times you planned in advance, which will make it easier for you during the day.
This thing takes time and at first it will be a war, but if your goal is always in front of your eyes you will succeed and not give up.

Part Four - Avoidance.

One of the most important things is first of all to avoid.
When we shop, just don’t buy snacks, sugary drinks (even if they are low in calories), unhealthy spreads and all kinds of other foods that are not healthy for our bodies, we believe that you are smart enough to know on your own.

Part five - change in habits.

Get used to drinking only water.
From time to time (about once/twice a week) drinking a glass of natural juice is perfectly fine.
Get used to eating walnuts, cashews or almonds instead of snacks. They will only do you good, of course not too much, 10 pieces a day will do the job.
Watching TV / methods on social networks / watching the news / watching series / movies and everything related to screens is a waste of time and a significant trigger for the desire to eat.
If you want to see a movie, just go to the cinema, it’s more fun and healthier.
Another and more important thing that will speed up your weight loss and improve your metabolism is sports.
Sport and physical fitness is a very, very important thing not only for this diet but also for life itself.
Your physical abilities will improve wonderfully which will make you more active and happier people.
Try to do strength training at least two or three times a week, in addition to that aerobic activity that will make you sweat a lot is important and will contribute a lot to weight loss and increased calorie burning.
Another advantage of sports for those who do not yet exercise is converting your time in front of the television to training in the gym.
Which will give you at least another hour/hour and a half of employment that will prevent you from thinking about food.
We have prepared general training programs for men and women for free and you are welcome to come in and train according to them.

Part six - food

So the ultimately significant part of the diet is the nutritional change and the understanding of what to eat and how much to eat.
The exact amounts of how many calories to eat per day varies from person to person so we cannot tell you in advance, you will have to do this with the help of your fitness trainer or a clinical dietician or professionals who deal with it individually. We will give you general guiding rules if you want to do it by yourself.
There is a table here that roughly summarizes the daily caloric intake of women and men, of course, again, it should be adjusted to you individually:













71 +





The general opinion regarding the daily amount of proteins for a person should be at least 1 gram of protein for every one kilogram that we want to reach in the end.
This means that if we weigh 80 kilos today but want to be 50 kilos at the end of the process, we need to eat 50 grams of protein a day and not 80.
A person who is engaged in physical activity should eat a little more protein per day, more towards the 1.5 grams for every kilo that we want to achieve in the final result.
This means that a person who wants to weigh 50 kilograms at the end of the process will need to consume approximately 75 grams of protein per day.
We will tell you a secret that even if you are not 100% accurate sometimes nothing will happen.
It is very important to eat different and diverse types of protein for the reason that each different type of protein also has amino acids and vitamins that are not found in other proteins.
We recommend combining animal protein, vegetable protein and milk protein. Every day.
Those who are vegan or vegetarian should simply replace the animal protein with another plant protein or dairy protein.


For the most part, the blanket recommendation is to eat complete carbohydrates because they take longer to digest and the feeling of satiety lasts longer.
But we recommend those who are engaged in physical activity to eat empty carbohydrates such as white wheat / potato / sweet potato for the reason that they are digested faster.
When the stomach is empty, then the body is busy breaking down dead and diseased cells in a more efficient way and this keeps our body healthier for a long time, and it also tastes better, something that is important for mental resilience during the diet.


In general, avoiding fatty food as much as possible is better.
Even healthy foods such as avocado, nuts and tahini and all kinds of other foods that are considered healthy, end up containing a lot of fat which is not always beneficial, so avoid as much as possible but do consume sparingly.
Fats are not so effective for our body in large quantities and are a harmful factor for the diet.
Do not be afraid that your body will be fat-free because there is no chance that fats will not enter your body even through foods that are low in fat, fat is everywhere and if you eat in an orderly way then you will not lack it.


The use of sugar in coffee, tea or anything else should be avoided as much as possible.
Sugar or sugar substitutes cause crazy damage to our body in a way that you can’t imagine at all, almost all the medical problems of humans, stem from excessive consumption of sugar.
Eating fruit on a daily basis is also not recommended because although fruits have many vitamins, eating a lot on a daily basis will introduce a lot of unnecessary sugar into the body, which will make it difficult for your diet and your health.
If you want to eat fruit, then one a day without physical training is enough, or 2 after physical training.


Incorporating vegetables into your daily menu is extremely important and highly recommended, especially at dinner
A combination of at least 5 different colors of vegetables is essential for the body and will greatly contribute to the overall health of the body.
Vary the use of low-calorie vegetables and eat them almost freely.

In conclusion

There are many different types of diets and many ways to lose weight.
What is important is to follow the rules we wrote down for you in this article and really apply them, otherwise the road will be difficult and tiring.
All the diets that we will present here are only recommendations and the responsibility for the execution and the results are the sole responsibility of the user.
We have no responsibility for the results you will achieve and/or if you will suffer any medical damage as a result of the diet.
We are neither doctors nor dietitians, we prescribe it based on our experience only.
So after we understood the meaning of changing the length of life which includes diet and a healthy lifestyle, we will move on to some diets that we have collected for you.

The first is the Fighting Fit Diet.