Program A

We recommend that beginner exercisers start with a relatively low weight that allows them to reach at least 12 repetitions for 3 months.
After about a month of training you can start lifting weights at a pace that will allow you to still reach 12 repetitions in the first set, 11 repetitions in the second set and 10 repetitions in the third set at least.
After around 6 months you can start to aim your repetitions to 10 and not 12.

How to know when to gain weigth?
After 1 month you still need to stay on the 12 repetitions so after 1 month with low weigthts , check if you are able to do 14 repetitions.
If you can , so raise the weight , if not , so keep the same weights until you will be strong enough. 
Always try only 1 step above.
The meaning is if you in a machine exersier , try the next weight after , if you use free dumbbells so try the next weight (from 8 to 9 or 10) and if you use dumbbells like squats , gain the same dumbbells in the both sides of the rod by 1.25 kilograms or 2.5 kilograms.

How to workout ?
The goal in each and every exercise is to reach maximum capacity in terms of repetitions and by the last repetition you will already feel that you are giving all your strength and cannot do one more in addition.
In the first month dont give 100% of your power to not get injured.
This is the only way the muscle reaches failure and essentially “torn”, and this is what allows its growth with the addition of proper nutrition and rest.
It is highly recommended to be careful during the first month not to lift heavy weights and not to reach muscle failure in order not to injure yourself.
Of course, after the first and second workout your whole body will hurt for about a week and that’s perfectly fine.
After about a month, your body will get used to the training and you can start lifting weights slowly and safely
We recommend the first year / two years to work on a high amount of repetitions and not a high weight since there are less chances of getting injured.
You are also presented with two types of A/B programs that can be combined as you wish, each one at the end connects to different types of exercises
In addition to any A/B workout you do.
Don’t forget to take a break between each round, between a 1 minute and a 1 minute and a half.

how much need to workout ?
These training programs are designed for 3/4 training sessions per week, it is very important to rest well and not to overload our body. There are many training sessions every day in the direction that it can hurt us, certainly as beginners / advanced trainers. People who are professionals and deal only in sports and that is their job and train every day have A different and more diverse training program and we are currently not at that stage.
It is not recommended to exercise every day.
This means if you chose to train 4 times a week, then your week will looks like this:
Sunday + Monday yes ,Tuesday no,Wednesday + Thursday yes,Friday no,Saturday no.
No more than 2 training days in a row
Because each workout you work on a different muscle group.

If you chose 3 trainings a week, then for example Sunday yes and Monday no, Tuesday yes and Wednesday no, Thursday yes and Friday Saturday no.

It is your choice and what is convenient for you, the main thing is to provide sufficient rest for the body.

Aerobic training:
It is also recommended, of course, at the end or beginning of each workout to perform an aerobic workout
Examples of good aerobic training are: running, punching bag , stairs master , bicycle ,or anything else that will make your pulse go up and make you sweat all over.

And remember
Without effort there are no results
Good Luck !

Part A

Lower Body

Barbell Squats - 12X3

Barbell Glute Bridge - 12X3

Barbell Hip Thrust - 12X3

Lunges - 12X3

Cable Kickbacks - 12X3

Barbell Good Morning - 12X3


Choose between 3 - 7 exercises

Between 12 to 20 repetitions or 30~60 seconds

Full Body

Push Ups 10X4

Part B

Upper Body

Barbell Bench Press- 12X3

Single Arm Dumbbell Rows- 12X3

Dumbbell Bicep Curl/Double Arm Curl- 12X3

Tricep Pushdown - 12X3


Choose between 3 - 7 exercises

Between 12 to 20 repetitions or 30~60 seconds

Full Body

Push Ups 10X4

Pull Ups 6+ (Up to your ability)X3

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